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  Do your Performance Improvement efforts show real benefits?

...probably not. But as Performance Improvement is such a massive opportunity in every area of the organisation, it is worth you spending a little time gaining the practical knowledge so that you can reap the rewards.

Successful Performance Improvement needs people skills and knowledge…your knowledge.

The above statement probably comes as no surprise to you…but how do you get your people to want to perform better and where do you get the knowledge from to help, support and guide them?

There are so many different ways that Performance Improvement can be achieved – literally every area of the organisation can operate better. But it doesn’t matter which area or aspect you look at there are three factors that are constant:  

  • How motivated your people are to improve their performance
  • How knowledgeable you are in spotting, and evaluating, improvement opportunities
  • The level of knowledge that you have of the many efficiency boosting techniques

Welcome to Performance-Improvement-Coach.com

Performance Improvement

This site is packed with free productivity boosting tools, information and resources that will help you to achieve ever increasing levels of efficiency.

Backed up by my own thirty years of working as a Management Consultant, Director and Manager implementing improvements in small, medium sized enterprises and multi-national organisations, this website provides essential information, tips, thoughts, insights and recommendations on:

  • People based issues
  • Management, business and organisational strategies
  • Technical knowledge
  • Efficiency improvement tools
  • The different situations that you are likely to encounter
  • Procedure and process improvements
  • Analysis and monitoring techniques
  • How to successfully implement improvements

…in fact, all of the issues related to personal and organisational performance.

Understanding Performance Improvement

Getting your people to improve their performance relies on you understanding why they are not achieving your expectations in the first place.

Look below at the reasons that are regularly quoted as to why targets are not met:

  • Lack of understanding of what is expected
  • Insufficient training
  • Lack of resources
  • Time restrictions
  • Motivational issues
  • Not enough time
  • Not enough knowledge
  • Lack of co-operation
  • Unrealistic targets being set

They are all plausible and very real reasons to fail.

Performance Improvement is a learned skill

Performance Improvement

So how do you get to really understand what is causing low productivity...and

How do you improve your own performance?

The first stage is to browse through the pages of this website to locate the information and tools that will solve your problem.

Just imagine having a constantly updated resource at your fingertips that will answer your efficiency problems.

That’s what this website is about…to give you the knowledge and information to make you successful.

As a starting point, below are some key resources that will help you achieve your goals:

Change Management Models

Change Management

Change moves at an incredibly fast pace these days – get the tools and techniques here to make sure that you don’t get left behind.

Motivation Theories

People Motivation

Getting your people motivated, and keeping them motivated, is the key to creating the 'can do' culture. Learn here what motivates people and how to get them on your side.

Key Performance Indicator

Key Performance Indicator

Arguably one of the most controversial subjects when it comes to employee relations, learn here how to develop and use the right kpi’s to measure success. 

Case Studies

Case Study Examples

This link will take you to the ‘real life’ case studies where I have shown the results that I have achieved using the strategies and tools shown on this website.

Performance Improvement and career development

Career Development Planning

You can also use the techniques shown in these webpages to improve your own career development performance.

Whether you want to move jobs, create a resume or CV, change careers, develop personal skills to improve your career prospects or develop a personal growth strategy - click on the link below to start putting some structure to developing your own career:

Career Development Planning

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